Full-day Workshop on Reference supervision for constraint enforcement: theory and applications

IEEE CDC 2014, December 14, Los Angeles, CA


Time: December 14, 8.30am - 17.30pm

Location: JW Marriott Los Angeles




The goal of this full-day workshop is to introduce the design, implementation, and applications of supervisory reference management schemes for constrained systems.

Supervisory reference management refers to “modifying” the reference to a pre-compensated system whenever necessary so that pointwise-in-time state and control constraints are not violated. Reference governors and command governors represent specific examples of supervisory reference management control schemes. This approach is of particular interest in the industrial practice where legacy controllers already exist that are reliable and well performing and (for cost and organizational reasons, among others) the full redesign of the control system to enforce constraints is to be avoided. In these cases, constraint enforcement can be accomplished by augmenting the existing controllers with relatively simple reference management schemes that rigorously guarantee constraint enforcement and that possess desirable convergence properties.

In this workshop the basic theory of supervisory reference management will be carefully explained, and the participants will be provided with all the tools needed to understand, design and implement such reference management strategies for various classes of systems (linear, nonlinear, networked, decentralized, etc.). Advanced aspects, based on recent research developments, will also be discussed. A series of technologically relevant applications of these schemes to systems in automotive, aerospace and electric power grid domains will also be demonstrated.

The workshop will end with an overview of current research on the subject, and a panel discussion on the present status and future research topics for supervisory reference management. .


Intended Audience


The workshop is mainly designed for young researchers, students,engineers, and practitioners interested in constrained control and in technological problems where constraints enforcement represents an important aspect of operating the system. The prerequisites for the workshop are graduate level courses in control and system theory.





Important Dates

May 14, 2014: Workshop at CSC



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