ongoing projects

COPTERS: Control of physically interacting terrestrial and aerial swarms

Researcher: Tam NGUYEN


Sensor fault detection and isolation in wireless sensor networks

Researcher: Jingjing HAO


Optimal Constrained Set Point Regulation for Networks of Systems

Researcher: Christophe LABAR


Constrained control of lithium-ion battery based on an electrochemical model (EchM)

Researcher: Raffaele ROMAGNOLI


Study and design of a management system based on an electrochemical model (EChM) for fault tolerant pack of paintable batteries

Researcher: Luis Daniel COUTO


Optimization of the production of Fructo-Oligosaccharides

Researcher: Julien SCHORSCH
In cooperation with UMONS


Power System Dynamic Model Reduction for Network Security Assessment

Researcher: Johnny LEUNG


Fault diagnosis in on-shore wind farms based on linear parameter-varying (LPV) models

Researcher: Sandra Vasquez RODRIGUEZ
In cooperation with VUB ELEC



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