The goal is to develop control units for Unmanned Aerial Systems to enable the UAVs (quadrotors, multirotors, blimps, etc.) to interact with the environment and to perform operations.

The main research projects ongoing are:
– Control of Tethered Quadrotors
– Control of Teams of UAVs and Ground Vehicles manipulating objects

MA1 Projects, Master Thesis, and possible subjects for doctoral applications are available on the subject: control of UAVs subject to constraints, control of UAV interacting with walls, control and navigation of blimp with visual information.

The research in robotics is notably studying force feedback in teleoperation with a view to surgical applications. Indeed, in minimally invasive surgery, the surgeon loses the sense of touch. Yet, this is fundamental for a certain number of operations like needle insertion in a specific layer of a tissue or palpation of an organ. We aim at developing specific master slave devices with force feedbacks for such tasks and, more generally, to study control algorithms in bilateral teleoperation.