More Grids aims to be a reduction tool for dynamic power system models that enables transmission system operators (TSOs) to carry out stability studies within a time frame compatible with the supervision of an electrical network. The need for simplification is becoming increasingly acute as the size and the complexity of electrical networks continue to grow with the construction of new interconnections. As a result, upholding the same level of accuracy across the whole interconnected network model would not only induce excessively long simulation times, but also go hand in hand with the management of a massive database containing the parameters of all grid components. Given that every TSO must only ensure the stability of its own network, it is realistic to consider a dynamic model in which only the supervised area and its surroundings would maintain the same level of detail, while the remote areas of the interconnected network would be approximated by some simplified models. Developing a tool that designs such models in a systematic way is the main goal of this project.